How to do Kegel Exercises

The single most important exercise for a woman's sexual health is Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises help to strengthen your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. This muscle forms a "figure-eight" outlining the vaginal and anal opening. Just like any muscle it will weaken with age and significant milestones such as child birth. This easy, and usually pleasurable routine, boasts a whole host of benefits:
1 Orgasms become stronger.
2 There is more control over sensation during intercourse.
3 It's easier to reach orgasm; you feel more when you need to, and less when you want.
4 More control over the sexual experience, a feeling of power.
5 Childbirth can be easier, more controlled, leading to fewer complications.
6 The vagina heals more quickly from the effects of childbirth.
7 Partner feels more during intercourse - can pull and squeeze penis with vaginal walls.
8 Prevent/stop incontinence/prolapsed uterus.
1. Flex your muscles:
1 Sit on the toilet with your legs parted slightly.
2 Allow yourself to start the flow of urine.
3 Stop the flow - Remember that feeling.
2. Commit yourself:
Now that you know what it feels like to flex your PC muscle:
1 Find a time each day to practice (I.e. Driving to work, on the bus, in the shower, watching TV, at a boring meeting). No one will ever know.
2 Commit to this time each day.
3. Do your reps:
1 Basic: Get comfy, breathe slowly.
2 Squeeze and hold for 10 seconds.
3 Relax for 10 seconds.
4 Repeat 2 more times.
4. Shake it up
o Alternative A: Advanced
1 Squeeze lightly - hold 5 seconds
2 Squeeze stronger - hold 5 seconds
3 Squeeze really tight - hold 5 seconds
4 Reverse
5 Relax
6 Do this 10 times
7 Take a break
8 Repeat 2 more times.
o Alternative B: Work all of the muscles - Flutter
9 Squeeze for one seconds
10 Rest for one second
11 Repeat 10 times
12 2 times a day
5. Getting Bored? Work the deeper muscles with an object.
1 Use weights like Ben Wa balls inside and do your kegels. Start with one ball then work up to two, then try walking around doing kegels and holding the balls in.
2 X-Commander with its 3 different sized bullets allows you to increase your work to the next level.
3 Do them while you masturbate. Take great mental discipline!
4 Incorporate kegels into sexual play – tell your partner to advise you when he notices a difference in tightness.
6. Don't despair.
If you remember to do them every day, you will start feeling greater, more control and stronger orgasms within 8 – 10 weeks.
1 Don't do Kegels while urinating - just use urination to understand the feeling of flexing the PC.
2 Increase the intensity levels from time to time.
3 Put a finger in vagina and clench, you can feel the muscles working.
4 There is no over night success - it takes dedication.
5 Never use your back, anal, stomach, or buttock muscles.
6 Alternate the different techniques; ben wall balls, different size bullets such as the X commander, a vibrator and your favorite penis.
7 Just like any gym workout, when you fall out of a routine just get back in and don't give up.


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