Excert from Tickle His Pickle

Tickle His Pickle Table of Contents

1. Let's Talk About You
2. Meet the Penis & The Land Down Under
3. He's Commming!
4. Sights! Sounds! Seductions!
5. Hair Today—Gone Tomorrow
6. Slippery Stuff
7. Giving Great Hand
8. Giving Great Head
9. His Back Door (& More!)
10. Ready...Willing...Unable

Excerpts from Chapter 7 - "Giving Great Hand"

Most guys will tell you that receiving a handjob is one of life's greatest pleasures. But getting one that's truly erotic and exotic is a first-class upgrade to Cloud 9.

Your guy is surely an old hand at satisfying himself. But he'll be the first to admit that nothing compares to the thrill of your soft, warm, lubricated digits on his penis. It's the best skin-on-skin pleasure you can give him without thinking about birth control and safer sex. And he'll jump for joy at the chance to skip those sensation-dulling condoms.

Just think of your hands as creative sex toys with lots of moving pleasure parts. And because your fingertips are flush with sensitive nerve endings, you can actually feel his excitement, too. For starters, be sure your fingernails are trimmed smooth and hangnail-free, and your hands are moisturized and naked of all rings and jewelry that can snag and scratch. And if your hands are cold, warm them under running hot water or by tucking them between your thighs.

Imagine. By the time you finish this chapter, you'll know more about pleasuring his penis than he's learned in his entire life!


To form the world's most natural grip, make the "OK" sign by touching your index (or middle) finger to your thumb, then slip it around his shaft. Now you can travel the entire length, adjusting the pressure to his liking.

Thank U!

Cradle his penis in the "U" between your thumb and your fingers, with your thumb touching the underside of his shaft. Keeping your wrist loose and your grip firm, begin stroking at a diagonal angle.

Sausage Wrap

Just enclose his shaft in your five hot little fingers with your thumb at the top and stroke.

Upside-Down Sausage Wrap

Reposition your wrist so your thumb is facing the bottom of his shaft.


Try any of the basic grips above, but use two hands. Don't lose your balance!

"Vibe Him"

Place a cylindrical vibrator over his balls, or whichever part of his manhood is not in your mouth! Then alternate your tongue and a vibe on his penis.

"Just Say O"

Keep your head still as he does all the thrusting motion into your mouth. You may want to grip your hand around the base or use a penis sleeve to act as a buffer, so he doesn't go too deep.


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